What Now for Asia'h Epperson?

Asia'h Epperson ... aargh ... Asia'h Epperson .... tsk .. tskk ...

March 6, 2008 will go down in history as another day of infamy! No, China didn't assasinate the Dalai Lama [let me just squeeze here my .. FREE TIBET! cry] ... No, Obama didn't bite Hillary Clinton's ear in their fight for the Democratic nomination (ala Mike Tyson) ... much much worst .... it's the day my American Idol Asia'h Epperson was booted out of the Fox TV program.

Yes, Asia'h fans, grieve with me! Wear your best funeral wardrobe now. It's a monstrosity, an abberation of the existential kind! (whatever that means) Asiah booted out! ... I just can't imagine it! It just won't get out of my mind. I am very sure she's gonna be this season's American Idol but what the hell happened. How could it be? I've used up all three of my phones (1 office, 1 cell phone, 1 home phone) to vote for her. Still, this? America is probably deaf, yes, that's probably it.

Season 7 will never be the same without her. I vividly remembered that fateful night. Tears rolled down my face like the A-bomb being dropped in Nagasaki and Hiroshima. When Ryan Seacrest said that it's the end of line for her, I was stunned. I couldn't feel anything for a second. Speechless, Confused, Dazed?!%

A Historical Perspective:

March 6, 1831: Edgar Allen Poe removed from West Point military academy
March 6, 1918: U.S. naval boat "Cyclops" disappears in Bermuda Triangle
March 6, 1936: Belgium ends Locarno-pact
March 6, 1974: An Italian loses a record $1,920,000 at roulette in Monte Carlo


March 6, 2008: Asia'h Epperson was voted off the American Idol Season 7

Surely March 6 will go down in history as one of the darkest days specially to all the Asia'h fans out there.

Back to reality
Enough of my long-winded rant, pardon me, (I'm melodramatic ... LOL) it's just my way of saying “Sh** happens!”. Stuff like that happens to the best of them. It's a fact of life and we have to move on. I'm sure she's gonna be successful in her chosen career, be it singing, acting or modelling or whatever. American Idol is not the end of the line. It's just the beginning.

Looking for Asia'h Epperson online
Seriously, searching for information online regarding Ms. Epperson is proving to be a challenge for me. I don't see any “Asia'h Epperson: Official Website” out there. I couldn't even find her Myspace or Facebook profile. Information on her is scant. I can't find anything, other than the fast facts below (taken from the American Idol website):

Age: 19
Hometown: Joplin, MO
Favorite Quote: "Speak it into existence! You receive blessings through struggle. Appreciate it!"
Audition City: Atlanta
Musical Influences: Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Toni Braxton.

Did you see her fave quote above? That's kinda deep. I would love to ask her what it means and how it became her favorite quotes.

From some of the American idol video that featured Asia'h, we found out that she's a small town country girl (Joplin, MO) who has been singing since she was three years old. From a family picture shown, it seems she has two brothers and is the oldest and the only girl. Her mom looks white and her dad is black. What a good combination, as she seems to possess the best of both races. Before "American Idol," she was a waitress at two restaurants in Joplin. In her spare time, Epperson enjoys dancing and acting and also has a passion for makeup and fashion.

Asiah Epperson's American Idol Audition

What's in the name? Of Asia'h, Asiah, Aisa'h or Asia Epperson
In addition to being a gorgeous and talented singer, I really love her name. Asia'h is such a unique name. It's actually my first time to hear of a person with such a name. Hmmm... where did her parent got her name? another good question to ask Asia'h about. I got so curious so I search online to see if there are any other with such a name, it actually yielded other people with the same first name, an Asiah Georgia and an Asiah Lewis came out.

Asia'h Epperson Final Performance!

Latest News on Asia'h Epperson
I'm really dying to hear what she's up to right now. Hope she finds out about this blog and give us a shout and an interview. It would be nice to know more about her. She's very talented, very pretty and I'm sure she would have a great career ahead of her. What's next for her? Here's her response (taken from the American Idol website)

“I really believe the sky's the limit for me. I'm going to take every opportunity that I can. I've been in drama and stuff like that through middle school and high school. So maybe some acting, some commercials, maybe a little bit of modeling here and there. But definitely music, music, music! Music's gonna stay in that -- it's my heart and soul.”

- Asia'h Epperson


Anonymous said...

Too bad she's not in the show anymore.


Amy said...

I love Asia'h Epperson. Hope we can see more of her in the future.