What's Keeping David Archuleta Busy These Days

As this season's (2008) American Idol ended, David Archuleta is keeping busy by working on a few projects lined up for the runner-up of 2008's American Idol. For sure, we think he's having a great time and getting the much needed rest. But as it turned out, he's got lots of things going on. He's not complaining though. No, he sure is having fun and adjusting well on his newfound fame. I'm sure he's gonna be a future success story in the music industry.

The Brouhaha on a Foiled Concert
It was reported that his father, Jeff Archuleta organized an appearance at the E-Center for a charity show for the young David. But, Idol officials didn't allow it as the father didn't ask permission from the American Idol producers. As you know, David is under contract with AI. The "American Idol" spokesperson further stated that the solo event would dilute interest in the "Idol" concert tours as the tour will stop at the E-Center on July 14 and 15 giving the fans the chance to see David Archuleta perform with the rest of the contestants.

So what is David Archuleta Working on Lately?
First, he's working on a new album. Yes, AI and Asia'h Epperson fans, that's the benefit of being high up there in the top ten. You get to have an album even though you didn't win the top spot. Record deals come quicker. Secondly, he's updating his MySpace. Yup, he knows the value of networking on the internet and being close with fans online. He's a savvy young genius. He even did his first video blog to thank all the fans of American Idol who voted for and supported him. These are eventually the same people who will shoot him to musical superstardom.

Finally, he's preparing with the rest of the top 10 for this summer's Idol concert tours. It's gonna be one great trip for all our Idols as they tour around the country. For most of this bunch of 2008 Idol hopefuls, it will be the adventure of their lifetime as they go meet and be closer with fans. Fans who will probably buy their albums or go to their concerts when they go solo if they ever decide on embarking a musical career afterwards.

The concert series will give them a chance to see and feel if this is the career they would like to pursue. After the hoopla on this season's American Idol is over, they might be forgotten with next seasons crop of young wannabees eager to take their own shot at stardom.

Additional Information on American Idol Tour 2008
For the convenience of readers of this blog and for those interested on additional information regarding the 2008 summer tour of American Idol, check out the link, American Idol Tour 2008, for location, venue and schedule information. For tickets, you can click on the Idol Tour banners on this site.

If you are an Asia'h Epperson, David Archuleta or an American Idol fan, hope you enjoy this summer season and make it to one of the Idol Tour concert.