Hometown of Asia'h Epperson : Joplin, MO

The relatively unknown town of Joplin, Missouri suddenly was placed in the map with Asia'h Epperson's entry to the American Idol Contest. From this Missouri town, Asia'h was born and raised. But, where exactly is Joplin, MO? Here's what I found.

The City of Joplin became a full-service municipality when it was incorporated in 1873. Located at the edge of the Ozark Mountain region, Joplin has a current population of 49,024. Situated in southwest Missouri in the "four states" region encompassing Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri and Arkansas, it combines the beauty and hospitality of country living with the convenience and commerce of city vitality.

Joplin is located where Interstate Highway 44 and U.S. Highway 71 meet. It is Missouri’s fourth largest metropolitan area and serves as the financial, cultural, and commercial center of the area. It is readily accessible to numerous clear-water streams, vacation attractions and eight major lakes. Its regional airport also provides access to major transportation centers.

To learn more about Epperson's hometown of Joplin, check out the wikipedia entry for the town below:
Joplin's wiki

I'm sure that Joplin, MO was as saddened like me when Asia'h was voted off so early in the competition. Well, from this town came one of the season's more soulful voice and talented singer ready to take AI by storm. Even though her father passed away due to a car accident two days prior, she stormed the audition in Atlanta and "WOW'd" the three judges with her rendition of LeAnn Rimes' "How Do I Live". A truly great tribute to her late father.

As we know, Asia'h Epperson's quest to become the next American Idol is now done. It would have been a great gift to her town had she continued on. It seems this year is Joplin's 135th birthday. Happy Birthday Joplin, MO!


Peter said...

Joplin is a great place to live. You should come here some time.

Frank said...

Asia'h Epperson is a great talent. I hope she gets a record deal.

ned said...

I grew up in Joplin and I must say I don't share Peter's enthusiasm. It's a fairly safe, sane place to raise kids but man, there isn't anything to do there. I couldn't imagine going back there for anything except to see my parents.