Asia'h Epperson Photos from Getty Images

The following are photos of Asia'h Epperson I found from the Getty Images collection. There's this new service that allows bloggers to embed photos from the Getty collection for free and without worry of copyright violations. If you look at the images below, they seem to embed some ads on it. That's probably how they make money from this service.

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The following photos were taken in Los Angeles, California on March 07,2008 at the 'Every Monday Matters' Book Signing party at The Grove as Asia'h Epperson arrives at the party.

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

The photo below was taken in LA last February 14, 2008. Asia'h Epperson appears here with the other Idol contestants, namely, Alaina Whitaker, Jason Castro, Ramielle Malubay, and Danny Noriega on their way to the American Idol Season 7's Top 24 Party at The Day After Club.

Photo 4

I like her red dress here.

There you go fellow Asia'h Epperson fans. Hope you like the above photos.


Mary said...

These are really nice photos of Asia'h Epperson. I'm a big fan of Asia'h here down under. I hope there are some more pics of Ms. Asiah Epperson soon. I would love to see her have a great new album sometime in the future.

Carla said...

Thanks for posting these nice pictures of Asia'h Epperson. I hope you add a few more as you get them. Just like you, I'm a great fan of her too.

Julie said...

Asia'h Epperson is really pretty! Love her!