Asia'h Epperson - American Idol Season 7 Top 24

If you are a fan of the American Idol show, no doubt, you have seen one of season 7's talented contestant, Asia'h Epperson. You probably got dismayed too, like me, because she didn't make it to the Top 10. I know, stuff like these happens. But, what can we do? America, again has shown that it doesn't know how to pick a winner. Anyhow, we have to move on now. I'm sure Asiah will have a great future ahead of her. She can sing. She's definitely great looking. Probably, one of these day, we'll see her out with her own album.

Asia'h Epperson Tribute
To pay homage to Asia'h, I'm creating this blog to honor her. I'll try to compile everything I'll get online about her, photos, youtube videos, bio and latest news. I know there's a lot of you out there too, who like me, would like to know how her life goes on after the American Idol.

So Asia'h, and to all the fans of Ms. Epperson out there. This blog is for all of us.

- An Asia'h Epperson Fan

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