American Idol Rumor: Good for Asia'h?

Is Asia'h Epperson and the other AI contestants who were voted off coming backing to the show? There's a rumor going around on the net that says some of those voted off will be allowed a second chance to come back. Are they going back as wild-card contestants? or are the producers just picking one to join the top 10 on the American Idol tours? Details are kinda fuzzy right now. In truth, I think the latter is much more probable than the former. Although, I wish they do the former.

From the rumors, five of the top 24 who failed to make the top 10 will return to the American Idol stage for the April 9th Idol Gives Back charity special. Nothing is official yet regarding this though so cross your fingers.

The Idol Gives Back special
Comedienne Ellen DeGeneres is set to co-host the Idol Gives Back charity campaign with Ryan Seacrest. It is estimated that the successful show last year raised more than $76 million for a lot of charities that included Save The Children, Children's Health Fund and the Children's Defense Fund.

Last week, Fox has announced that a number of artists and celebrities will be taking part in the April 9th charity show. It include Brad Pitt, Reese Witherspoon, Mariah Carey, Maroon 5, Fergie of the Black Eyed Peas and former American Idol contestants Chris Daughtry and Carrie Underwood.

More on the Idol Rumor
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I'll see if there are new updates regarding this rumor. It would be nice to see Asia'h Epperson on the Idol stage again, if this is true.

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Jeff said...

Asia'h definitely left too soon. I understand why she was eliminated. She attempted songs that were frankly too big for her and it didn't work out.

It's sad because she is better than some of the girls that are still in it, but ultimately she would have been eliminated at some point.

A male contestant will win. I've stated that for awhile.