Asiah Epperson's American Idol Audition and other videos

Google "Asia'h Epperson" and you will find little information on the search results. Although I'm having a hard time searching the net for information on Asia'h, I'll try my best to post everything I find about her. This blog is all about her. Seriously, I can't even find Asiah's MySpace or FaceBook profile.

Below are some of Asiah's YouTube videos:

Asiah Epperson's American Idol Audition: Atlanta

The video above is our first glimpse of Asia'h. It's a feature video on her in the Atlanta auditions. Here, we learn about the tragic accident of his father that happened two days prior to her audition. She sang "How Do I Live Without You" beautifully. All three judges were blown away. Paula Abdul was in tears.

Asiah Epperson's American Idol Audition: HollyWood

I love this video of Asia'h belting out "I'm Going Down". Her cool, soulful rendition of this song blew me away. Man, she's so great! Simon Cowell was so impressed. He even said its her best audition by a mile.

Asia'h Epperson Singing "Piece Of My Heart"

Another great performance of Asia'h. It's a very impressive rendition of the song. It's such a fun and bubbly performance. Her bubbly personality shined through on this one.

The rest of Asia'h Epperson's videos will follow on the next posts.

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Anonymous said...

I love the two audition videos of Asia'h. I really like her version of the "I'm going down" song. In my opinion, that's her best performance.