More Asia'h Epperson Videos on YouTube

It has been totally quiet on this blog for quite a while. I sort of zoned out of the online world and took a new job that challenge me a bit. I had to concentrate on it and get a good feel before I do anything else. It took my focus for a few months. Now that I already have a good grasp of the things I need to do there. I've come back blogging away again. I love blogging and blogging about the things, people, events and stuff that I like.

I looked around for Asia'h on YouTube and found these videos. Totally, there's been a quiet blanket that surrounded Asia'h lately. I'm sure she's pretty busy but probably on a low key. Search on news for her didn't really yield anything new.

Thanks to YouTube user kristimly for the videos.

On the American Idol front, there seems to be quite a few changes coming up for the new season which include fewer audition episodes and more Hollywood-round episodes, the semifinalist rounds will feature the top 36 contestants instead of 24, the return of the "wild card" round, and no more charity show.

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