On David vs David: My Thoughts on AI Season 7 Final

Back to blogging again! I love it when I take some time off for myself and rejuvenate for a while. It keeps you fresh and ready for the next wave of things to come.

On David vs David
Yesterday's show crowned the "Cook" as the new American Idol. Good thing for him. He has shown himself as a really good performer and crowd pleaser. I loved his rendition of the "Billie Jean" song. In my opinion, that's his best performance on the entire show. For the "Archuleta" kid, he will always be a star. His personality is often times dull as he's always nervous and speechless whenever he gets to talk to Ryan after a performance. But I think he will go far and be able to leverage his runner up performance on this season's AI. Hey, the kid can really sing. Hollywood can easily do a personality makeover on this boy.

I'm a bit surprised about the result. Are you?
Going into Tuesday, Archuleta is, of course the clear favorite. I guess for the whole season, he's the clear favorite, as for sure, he'll get the vote of the tweens and the teen crowd. I was actually routing for the "Cook" at this point as I think he's the more commercial whom I think has the better chance of selling more albums than Archuleta.

The "finale" night was a different story though as I saw Archuleta giving all his best and really showing that he wanted to win it. I thought it was his night and he won it handily, to quote Simon, by a knockout. I just didn't sense in Cook's performance that night that he truly wanted to win the competition. He did a fine job but I wasn't blown away. So from wanting to see Cook win, I went out for Archuleta. I thought he deserved to win more than Cook based on their final performance.

And David Cook Wins it!
I was definitely surprised when I learned that Cook won. He's definitely a good singer, no doubt about that, but I was basing my opinion on the last performance as I thought Archuleta clearly came out as the winner on that one. Well, we always never know how things really work. Other people will have their own opinion and I respect that. America has voted and by a clear margin of 12 million votes that went for David Cook. I wonder if many people were turned off by Archuleta's dad that's why they didn't vote for him. We can only wonder.

So, a big congratulation to David Cook!!! Season 7's American Idol winner. All yeah fans of Asia'h Epperson, let's clap our hands.

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